Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd [JPN]

Follow this to patch the untouched ISO:
Replace the Eboot with this Eboot in the ISO using UMDGEN


CFW: 5.50 Prometheus,5.03 Prometheus,5.00 Prometheus


Megaupload 2 links:
Part 1
Part 2


Translation Patch:

English Translation V 2.5

**Patch made by Einishi, please give reputation to him**
Download: *Link updated 08/08/2010*
-It works with clean ISO and Fixed ISO.
-It also works with the MP3 fix Patch, however you should first apply the english patch, and then the MP3 one, this is because both patches modify the eboot.bin, maybe Einishi can make a patch able to patch directly the Mp3 fixed ISO. At least I havent figured out a way, so if anyone wanna try and share his experience would be great
MP3 FIX Patch
**Patch made by FearEffect, reputation to him**
**Tutorial made by nomakewan, reputation to him**
1.) Make sure you're running 5.50/5.03 Prometheus firmware. If you aren't, the installer can be had here: 5.50 GEN-D3/5.03 GEN-C
2.) Grab test_prometheus.rar and extract to a useful folder.
3.) Grab WQSG_UMD Tool from HERE and extract to a useful folder.
4.) Get PRXdecrypter from HERE. Put the PRXdecrypter folder into PSP/GAME on your PSP's memstick. Create a new folder at the root of the memstick called "ENC".
5.) Using a COPY of your PD2 ISO (wouldn't want to screw up your only ISO), open it in WQSD_UMD Tool. Navigate to the SYSDIR folder. Right-click EBOOT.BIN and click 'Export', saving it to the "ENC" folder at the root of your PSP's memstick. Exit WQSD_UMD Tool, leave USB mode on your PSP.
6.) Run PRXdecrypter on your PSP. Hit X on Decrypt Files. The program will attempt to decrypt the EBOOT.BIN.
7.) Once it's done, go back to Home and enter USB Mode to connect to your PC.
8.) Open the ENC folder on your PSP's memstick and rename EBOOT.BIN to EBOOT.OLD.
9.) Open your PD2 ISO in WQSD_UMD Tool again and once more navigate to the SYSDIR folder. Drag EBOOT.OLD into it. Now drag the two files from test_prometheus.rar (EBOOT.BIN, libmp3.prx) into it as well. Once done, close WQSD_UMD Tool.
10.) Copy the ISO you just edited to your PSP and enjoy!

(MP3 FIX and English Patch Ver2.5)

Just put them in the SYSDIR directory. MUST work!.rar


  1. woohoo project diva thanks gmrusaku

  2. @XDGC
    No problem ^_^

  3. ok... as expected of japanese release @_@ ahh.... ok time to give this to my friends

  4. there's already a patched download gmrusaku..playing it now..hehehe

  5. this is fingers starts to confuse with what button to push..XD waaaaaaaaaa I'm not used to playing this in both hands XD

  6. @kasmi
    I'm still playing it with one hand and I just use the directional button for the arrow keys. Still This is harder than project Diva.

  7. I'm on the final song and... Damn it's harder than the Disappearance of Hatsune Miku.

  8. Finally 100% songs completed!

  9. cool grats..I'm completing it the duets!!

  10. the hard is much more harder due to the addition of the directional's too confusing once the chorus starts..hahahaha I love it though..never got excited like this in PD...hope they bring the arcade in the philippines!! I wanna play the actual arcade..

  11. @kasmi
    same here, Hard mode in PD2 jus became extreme mode for me and I haven't even tried extreme mode yet. And I agree someone should bring Project Diva Arcade here (wish Gundam Vs. Extreme too.) Cuz Timezone was able to bring DJ Max arcade here so why not PD Arcade right?

  12. @.@ I just noticed this!!! Thanks gmrusaku!!

    ouch, I haven't been playing busou shinki ever since I've got Ach.

  13. @gmrusaku
    DJMax is here?? haven't seen one in megamall or here in cainta..where did you find it?

    regarding gundam vs extreme..well I think I'll just play it in PS3's been stocked here in my room for months now ever since I quited tekken6 and SC4..I found no exciting game for the PS3 this time around aside from the Dreamy Theater that I can't download due to its price..

    I'll try exteme mode later..I better practice my left busy with Se.Kirara so my left hand is always tired..hehehehe my right hand is doing something else when I play se.kirara so I give all the clicking to my left hand..

    @Acher try it's a very nice much improvement and so many songs to choose..

    BTW..I heard that this game will have costumes from that true?? I've read it somewhere in the net...hmmm hope they give the Cute costumes..>.< I really love that costume in my "live for you" game..

  14. @Acher
    Same here, since I got HMPD2nd I temporarily stop playing Busou Shinki. Well I'm still waiting for leaked DLC. ^_^

  15. and I was thinking that the battle for the best Idol between Sega and Namco isn't over yet...

  16. @kasmi
    In SM Megamall on the underground pass between Building A and B, there's a Timezone there that has one.

  17. hmmm..I don't know if I saw it already..anyway I'm not a big fan of it bcoz miku is much cuter..^^

  18. Just tried Hard in my favorite song "Miracle Painting" and it is still easy for me. But when I tried Extreme.... Hell Broke loose. T_T

  19. hahahaha try it in "magnet"'s hell...

  20. Well I looked on the Vocaloids moods and I found out that Miku is "Happy" (cuz I use her alot) Rin,Len,Luka,Kaito and Meiko Is "Good" (Use dem in duets and in their songs And Sakine Meiko, Haku and Neru is in "Bad" mood cuz I haven't use them in the entire game.

  21. Please tell me Gumi is available >.<

    still another 3hr till download complte, I forgot to start my download but I've been idle waiting for it ouch.

  22. men talk about traffic going home...~_~

  23. @acher
    hahaha I actually fell asleep last night while DLing..XD I DL this exactly I fell asleep..

  24. @Acher
    Gumi isn't made by Crypton so you won't see neither Gakupo not Gumi here.

  25. @gmrusaku gundam isnt coming to america T_T too many gangs and thieves and damn the hard mode too confusing

  26. Aww... no Gumi, 2 links left..

  27. I know this will be ask eventually so here are some CWCHEATS for HMPD2nd And I know many are looking for a Free Camera Movement for the Diva Room. (those who want pantsu shots)

    _S ULJM-05681
    _G Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd
    _C0 99999999 Score/Points
    _L 0x204B61B8 0x0098967F
    _C0 DIVA Room Free Camera Movement
    _L 0x2004A30C 0x10000008
    _L 0x2004A374 0x10000008
    _L 0x2004A3DC 0x10000008
    _L 0x2004A488 0x10000006
    _L 0x2004A4CC 0x10000006
    _C0 Miku's Room Free Camera Movement
    _L 0x2004A428 0x10000008
    _L 0x2004A490 0x10000008
    _L 0x2004A4G8 0x10000008
    _C0 Free Play Music All
    _L 0x204FBDB4 0xFFFFFFFF
    _L 0x104FBDB8 0x0000FFFF
    _C0 Free Play All Difficulties
    _L 0x404FBDC0 0x00060001
    _L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000
    _C0 Max Shop points
    _L 0x204B61B8 0x0098967F
    _C0 All Items on Sale
    _L 0x204FBC90 0xFFFFFFFF
    _L 0x204FBC94 0xFFFFFFFF
    _L 0x204FBC98 0xFFFFFFFF
    _L 0x104FBC9C 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x104FBCC2 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x004FBCDB 0x000000FF
    _L 0x004FBCDC 0x000000FF
    _L 0x004FBCFD 0x000000FF
    _L 0x104FBCFE 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x204FBD00 0xFFFFFFFF
    _L 0x004FBD53 0x000000FF
    _L 0x204FBD54 0xFFFFFFFF
    _L 0x104FBD58 0x0000FFFF
    _C0 All In Gallery
    _L 0x104FBDF4 0x0000FFFF
    _L 0x404FBDDC 0x00060001
    _L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000

    And if again copying the codes doesn't work then here's a DL for the CHEAT.DB:

  28. Lol,pantsu shot. I'll take that. Thanks for the CWc

  29. Quoted From "Filanimator"
    Since most of the menu is in Katakana I can easily translate it into English...

    But some menus are in Kanjis so I don't know what most of them means (esp in the Edit mode and Play record options...Hope someone can translate those)

    1. Rhythm Game
    --b. Freeplay
    --c. Extra

    2. Character Select

    3 Diva Room (Press triangle and an option will appear)
    --a. Layout
    --b Place Sort? (Allows you to customize your room)
    ----b1. Room Items
    ----b2. Extra Items
    --c. Music
    ----c1. Play MP3 (Note 1)
    ----c2. Select Playlist (Note 2)
    ----c3. Create Playlist
    ----c4. Delete Playlist
    ----c5. Return
    --d. PV Galery
    ----d1. View PV
    ----d2. Select Playlist (Note 2)
    ----d3. Create Playlist
    ----d4.Delete Playlist
    ----d5. ???? ( idea atm)
    ----d6 Return
    --e. Visual Galery
    --f. Sleep Timer
    --g. Navigator Timer
    --h. Wake up Timer

    4 Shop
    --a. Module
    --b. Room
    --c. Room Items
    --d. Help Items

    5. Play Records

    6. Edit mode

    7. Ad-hoc mode

    8. Options
    --a. BGM
    --b. SFX
    --c. Autosave on/off
    --d. Install Data on/off

    9. Save

    10. Return to the Title screen

    Note 1: You can also paly an MP3 from your music folder...apparently that is...I can't seem to load ANY of mine
    Note 2: If you haven't created a Playlist/s yet the game will allow you to create one

  30. And 2 DLC for Project Diva 2nd now available for free. 2 new wallpaper for the Diva room.

  31. Awwww, Man good for you guys, I'm still having problems getting the game work >_>

  32. I mean getting it to work, Always shuts down b4 starting :(

  33. @Xx_FredCross_xX
    Did you patch it right? try to replace the Eboot in the sysdir folder of the iso with the eboot that I've uploaded.

  34. What do I do with Install data?
    well, My game run smoothly and I'm 50% achievement.. taking it slowly this time since PD took me only one night.

  35. @Acher
    You don't need to Data install cuz you're on ISO. But the Data Install seems to not install from others as well so dont worry. ^_^

  36. Ah, is that so.. well this game certainly has diffrent feeling than the last one >.<

  37. I'm at 70% now...going strong..the extreme is killing me...though the hard is as easy as the first PD game..they changed a lot of buttons so no quick tapping for most songs instead they give a button hold..pwew thanks sega, you save my PSP's button rubber..

    the only prob I got is that I can't seem to get other volcaloid rooms..I still don't have Luka's room though I use her often..finishing some hard in Excellent can unlock costumes..that's what I like..I hope there's no more play 5 or 9 or 10 times to get a costume but I don't know..I keep playing the same song in hard to practice..

    so far most of the old songs are now easy to perfect in hard..not to mention I always listen to those songs in my MP3 so I'm kinda used to its beat..

  38. btw..thanks for the cheats gmrusaku..I need that camera cheat so I can close up thier faces for my PSP's wallpaper..hehe

  39. I have the feeling that the mood affects the duet songs..since I only use Miku and Luka..when I played Kaito's song where he duets with miku, I saw miku and luka instead of kaito and miku..hahahaha Miku being kaito...I can't stop laughing..

    also I was surprised when I saw magnet with both Miku in it...XD

  40. ok..I just replayed Magnet using Luka...but now..there are two Lukas!!!! just what the hell is going on?!?!?! I was hoping to get miku since when I used Miku earlier, I got two mikus..I wonder what's-up with these duet songs..seems like the game is auto generating a character to duet with you..

  41. Yo can't really start the game it's bugging me to death Lolz, Even putting the Eboot, Is there anything else preventing it to play?

  42. Can't you upload all in one just like the previous PD? If possible of course, Sorry to ask :(

  43. the one I DLed is in one file..try that's patched as well..

  44. @fred: just random, did you use khbbs?

    @Kasmi: actually you can choose who you want to pair up for duet, same as choosing vocaloid for/before a song, press triangle, then you'll notice that if you press start you can choose who's the second vocaloid to go on performance.

    Had that kaito song with Len x Kaito, Len sing Kaito part xD

    also, anyone else has this problem? the game stop functioning when you quit/retry halfway while playing any of the song. I have to force shutdown rather than wait for half an hour.T^T

  45. I did have KHBBS, y?

  46. @Acher
    mine is working pretty well..I can return in any part of the song..and ok I'll try that option for each song..I'm really at lost when I saw those duets with the same vocaloid...

  47. If you have the patched one, try disable it.

  48. @Xx_FredCross_xX
    Acher's right the KHBBS plug-in is useless now that we have access to the patcher, so just deactivate it.

  49. Does Deleting count as deactivate? If yes, Pd2 doesn't work. If no, How?

  50. @ Xx_FredCross_xX
    Yeah you could delete it or deactivate it from the Recovery menu of the PSP. But it will be safer to deactivate it from recovery menu then deleat it then reboot the psp.

  51. omg, The Hatchune Miku with credit roll is freaking cute!! I'm melting here.

    what firmware are you running again Fred? that might help.

    oh,and seem like my game problem is due to memory card problem. reformat it and I dont get the game stop during loading anymore.

  52. How do you deactivate it plus is that y I can't play mine?

  53. By the way the reason i have KHBBS is because a friend of mine put one

  54. is hitting the credits will give us extra points???? I found it funny..

    sad thing is...the "Sakura No Ame" is gone......I want it again...

  55. W8, if I reformat my psp would that be okay since I've been planning to do so...

  56. the only thing you can reformat is your memory'll be ok..but if you have'll put the chickhen and CFW loader again and the CWCheat plug-in..but if you have the one which can install CFW directly then no need for the can also try to restore your PSP back to it's original state and then try the game again..restoring will disable all options that you've enabled..

    if you'll reformat your card be sure to back-up your save files that you still need as well as copy your ISOs in a folder on your pc so if ever you'll need those ISO again, it's just lying there in your desktop..

  57. @Fred
    To deactivate you khbbs, simply start by pressing 'R' while booting your psp to go into recovery, then go to plugin --> khbbs --> deactivate (press X)... exit, and restart.

    to format
    backup everything into pc, format memory card using your psp option, not from the pc and restore everything else. that way you can easily manage your plugin and things.

    Thats the longest ED I ever had..

    Whats inside Extra anyway?

  58. @Acher
    yeah and a bit of a minigame too..I guess sega put it so that we can enjoy the ED since I saw that we can't cancel it...

    I guess the Extra is for DLC since there are tons of rumors about extra costumes, characters etc that'll be available for download..not to mention some say that Sega'll include a UTAU in this game's line-up but I didn't see any well as a new character entry in this game...didn't see those..anyway..having new costumes for other vocaloid is a win already..

  59. May be we'll see the other vocaloids in the DLC.

  60. not again...but oh coice..hehehe

  61. just wanna share my vocaloid collection..^^

  62. Please add gumi even if its just a mod xD

    @Kasmi: Holy, Want that luka!!

  63. it's a dakimakura I saw on ebay..a little pricey but very worth it..really love hugging itevery night..

  64. Okay after reformatting it now it's saying the game could not be started 80020148, Smell lets a mistake... Help?

  65. have you installed the CFW? what's your firmware status now?

  66. What CFW? And about the firmware you mean the the software or not? Sorry, still new about these >_>

  67. @fred
    do you know how to patch the iso?.... if soo you need UMDGEN
    a CFW (GEN-C or m33-6)
    and the decrypted EBOOT if not available you can get the untouched iso and get a prxdecypter or any decrypting tools that support 6.30 keys.
    apply the decrypted EBOOT on systemdir inside the iso then save it in another directory

  68. And I forgot how to patch a ISO :(

  69. Ok now I'm really confuse, Any short version? or Steps @_@

  70. yup your PSP's software..check it and see what software your PSP is using after's under "System information"

  71. oh yeah..what version of PSP do you use? 2000? 1000? 3000? 2000 and 3000 PSP needs to be chick-Hened in order to play ISOs..

  72. anything under 6.30 can help you gm rusaku was also kind enough to post the patched EBOOT.
    so how to patch an eboot you say
    open up UMDGEN you will see on the tool bar new open save.
    click on open find the UMD you want to open for this its miku 2nd so find that in you download folder or directory where you DLed the iso.
    once done you should see on UMDGEN PSP_GAME and UMD_DATA.bin
    enter PSP_GAME you should see 3 folders and a bunch of files in which contains pictures for your xmb to read and display go inside sysdir folder you should see EBOOT.bin BOOT.bin and OPNSSMP.bin (this is an added file for sony protection since 6.10)
    right click anywhere in the white space and click add>existing file
    now find the EBOOT.bin you DLed on top it should be in a hatsune miku 2nd folder enter it and click the EBOOT.bin then replace
    UMD should ask you whether you are sure to replace file jut click ok after this click save ou are given the options to save it as an iso a dax file or a cso just click iso and save it in another directory
    and congrats you have patched an iso

  73. Here's a step on how to put CFW on psp 2000s and 3000s..
    1) download and install Chick-Hen to your psp..(just google to find Chick-Hen..follow its instructions to get it right..)

    2) download a CFW..(I'm using prometheus now so just google this again and follow the instructions in order for it to work)

    3) put the ISO in your Iso folder and play the game...

    The instructions on putting and running Chick-Hen and Custom FirmWare is easy to understand so read it well..

    If you have PSP 1000s or 2001 model: all you'll be needing is the "5.50 Gen D-3"..just search the internet and follow the instructions..Psp Fat and 2001 models can install custom firmware directly without chick-hen..

  74. BTW my Software is 5.50 GEN-D3

  75. @Algester
    Sorry to say I only understood the mid and last part, UMDGEN? Can't see it here -_- I'am soooooo Stupis at these, I apologize >_<

  76. @Xx_FredCross_xX
    Ok then, I'll use our mother tongue to explain in details...
    Una Idownload mu yung UMDGEN, mahahanap mu kaagad yun s google. tapos download mu yung eboot s post.
    Pag na download mu na....
    I'll just use some picture to explain....
    pag nahanap mu na yung
    tapos save mu
    So that's it... Sorry for the others that didn't understand what I've just said.

  77. I'm using 5.50 GEN-D3
    and I download from the 6 megaupload link on the second panel which is for 5.50 GEN-D3.

    since you reformat, you need to change some settings (I accidentally did this before) and got "the game could not be started 80020148"..

    try go to recovery mode -->> Configuration
    set the UMD MODE to M33 driver/ Sony NP9660

    or if you got VHS activated, press select button on menu(psp menu) and switch UMD ISO MODE to M33 driver/ Sony NP9660

    then try the running the game again.
    well, only if you're still using 5.50 GEN-D3..

    Imo, I dun like prometheus.. my save data got corrupted before

  78. @gmrusaku
    Now that you've shown me it's much easier, Wish me luck

    Tried it still the same...

  79. YEY!!! It's now working, HOORAY thanks gmrusaku

  80. –d. PV Galery
    —-d1. View PV
    —-d2. Select Playlist (Note 2)
    —-d3. Create Playlist
    —-d4.Delete Playlist
    —-d5. ???? (sry…no idea atm)
    —-d6 Return

    d5. Is to set your character during PV play, I always wonder why Miku comes out. you can set both duet character to appear in pv enjoy mode here.

  81. What's the first song called I love it since the trailer :P

  82. @Fred
    this will help ^^

    sorry, list was too long

  83. Does anyone know how to get those DLC from PD to works on PD2nd?

    I miss the song Last Night, Good Night

  84. @fred
    good you manage to make it work..grats..first sing is RomeoXCinderella..I misture of fairy tales song..ths subbed one in youtybe is funny..

    Finally got 100% songs an Module^^ I guess without the save file from PD I won't get some of the old modules..It did took a while to get other vocaloid's modules since they have few songs only.. there any word on DLC songs? I wish they give "Sakura no Ame" and "Slowmotion" back...I dunno why sega removed those well as the "Hello World" song..why did they just put it on the MP3 option? grrrr sega...I was also hoping for the "song without shape" song but still it remains on my wishlist...T_T so far the 3DPV songs aren't sad...and I was hoping that they'll release it in this 2nd installation since those 3DPV songs are awesome...

  85. Well I just got the game today now almost done collecting the costumes of Miku only :P

  86. @Xx_FredCross_xX
    glad to help. ^_^

    don't lose hope cuz there are still DLCs to come.

  87. Hey guys did you notice the last part of Voice looks like the one in Final fantasy 7?

  88. @gmrusaku
    yeah..I'm still hoping for those since the first game have the 3DPV DLC..

  89. @fred
    didn't noticed that..the DLC costume is confirmed..the cute costumes of some Idolm@ster characters will be in DLC..guess that's the latest update on the DLC..

  90. @Xx_FredCross_xX
    Yeah totally agree. That looks like the abandoned church in FF7.

  91. hope this'll get a translation patch soon..really wanna know those lyrics..

  92. @kasmi
    Me too lolz :P

  93. Well it will take a while cuz PD1 isn't finish yet.

  94. well think PD1 won't have any englich patch progress anymore since PD2nd is out..hehe

  95. @kasmi
    yeah, I think you're right. Just wish that they'll start the project sooner

  96. well let's just keep praying..the PD1 I got here only has the menu translations...this is first patch if I remembered correctly..ehehehe since Sakura no Ame isn't in PD2nd, I'm still playing PD1 for that song..i know japan already adopted the song for graduations and stuff but I still want it to be back..really cried a lot when I saw it's subbed version in niconicodouga..

  97. Yeah, Sakura no Ame is one on the songs that should have retained on PD2. Also I've wished they included the Arcade only songs but... you know what happened.

  98. ooops..wrong's "bored" not "board"

  99. yeah...that "Hello World" is really a good song..hope timezone will adopt the arcade here..I kinda don't like the touchscreen games they released...looks like a child's game..I mean I know tomezone is showing us a very good technology development but for me, it's the game that counts..I tried that touchscreenie game once and I got totally excitement..I would rather do the button tapping game as long as I enjoy it very much..not to mention I'm playing that "dress and dance" game which is mostly for girls only due to the dress-up theme..hehehe

  100. Hey guys, when you start a new game, it asks if you want to load Project Diva 1 data; has anyone managed to this successfully?...or did everyone skip this and get straight on to the good part :)?

  101. Is the PV viewer supposed to keep showing the PVs with default costumes? Or am I missing something?

  102. @Al
    If you have PD1 save, you can load it.

    Nope, you can choose costume as well.
    when you select PV galery.. here's the option
    - PV Galery -
    View PV
    Select Playlist
    Create Playlist
    Delete Playlist

    pick modification and choose your module before playing any PV to st them.

  103. @al
    the save load in the start will give you all the modules you've unlocked during the first yeah if you don't have all of them, you may wannago to gamefaqs and get a fully unlocked save file and load it to the far as most people know, PD2nd will only carry over the modules..songs etc aren't since the playlist for PD2nd is new and only a few old songs are brought back..well I can already think how big the DLC will be in this game...

  104. @acher

    by the gods! it works! Thanks a lot!!

  105. there a way to play the MP3's I have in my music folder? it seems the game doesn't read it...any suggestion?

  106. Woops, sorry guys, my bad, I wasn't clear in my problem. I mean I cleared everything already on Project Diva 1 but when I tried to load the save, Project Diva 2nd identified it as corrupt data. So I'm wondering if anyone else encountered this problem and found a way around it....

    Oh and kasumi, it seems you're not the only one with the mp3 problem. Searching around the interweb reveals that it seems to be a problem with the iso, so I think you may have to bear with it until a patch comes out...

  107. @al
    ouch..I'm not alone then..

    have you tried replaying PD1 with the save data? if that still works then I guess there's a prob with the ISO..mine detected the save game so quickly..I think it only took a split second for PD2nd to load my PD1 save..

  108. @Al
    If you're on 5.50 Prometheus cfw then all your previous saves including PD1 might be corrupted.

  109. HHEEEYYYY!!!!!!
    Good News!
    There's a translation Patch for PD2 in progression the site can be found on the main post.

  110. @gmrusaku
    Oh, thanks for bringing the news >.<

    at least now it won't take me sometime to find the costume I want =P

  111. @gmrusaku
    I'm using 5.50 prometheous and I found no error when reading my PD1 save..

    I'll check that translation you've posted..

  112. after I applied the patch the game won't run..I got the "game cannot be started" error..did something happened? more like the patch for cfw was reset...

  113. well..what's in the patch btw? any song translation?or only some menus and items?

  114. found tons of PD2nd MP3 album downloads on the Miku is really one of the top divas today..I bet she'll be one of the best if she really existed..

  115. @kasmi
    Download the Eboot on the main patch then patch that eboot then patch it with the eng translation then put the eboot in the ISO
    Most of the Menu are translated. Modules are translated also even the title songs.

  116. @gmrusaku
    ok so my patched ISO will be corrupted when patched with the english translation? I'll try it then..thanks..^^

  117. @gmrusaku
    again again..I'll download the untouched ISO first then Patch it with the CFW patch..after that I'll patch it with the eng.translation I correct?

  118. ok so I guess I'll just stay on my jap one..I already completed the entire game 100% on both items,modules and songs but not all titles..

    and god the extreme on all songs drained my hands are so tired...

  119. time to hit the hands are aching from the extreme mode...and Luka's already waiting..hehehe

  120. @gmrusaku

    my system is 5.02 Gen-A (Full) if that can shed light on the matter...

    and thanks for the english patch notice, I'll be sure to check it out!!

  121. Just posted the new ver. of the patch and the MP3 fix for PD2.

  122. @Al
    Have you tried getting a 100% complete save from gamefaqs? try that first then if that didn't work then please do tell me.

  123. @Al
    isn't Gen-A(full) pretty old? why haven't you switched to a new CFW? that may fix the problem..

    I've read sakura's blog regarding the untouched ISO..I'll try that one if this one give the same error..or might as well let my friend do this patch again..hehe

    thanks a lot..

  124. @kasmi
    Einishi's translation patch needs to be patched on to a fixed (decrypted Eboot.bin) ISO so it wont work on clean ISO as Einishi said in gamefaqs.

  125. any idea how u can change ur duet partner?

  126. @XDGC
    when selecting a song hit triangle that will lead you to the module selection, select the module for your first vocaloid then hit start to change to the second vocaloid then select a module for them. ^_^

  127. Posted a Eboot of the English Patch 1.5 and the Mp3 fix. Just drag that to the SYSDIR directory of your ISO.

  128. Erms rusaku,can u send me a notepad or watever on a idiot-proof guide on patching the game to english? i have completed all the costumes and DIVA rooms for the gameplay already.damn its for the last song.extreme mode is crazy,aint rly hard,but the spamming knocks u out.

  129. @gmrusaku
    thanks for the eboot..I'll try patching my ISO now..btw the ISO I used to patch first was the one I'm playing in my PSP..that's why I'm wondering why the CFW patch was removed after I patched the ISO with the english translation..

  130. @gmrusaku

    That a good idea actually, I'll try it and let you noe. Thanks for that.

    heh, well you know what they say, if it ain't broke dont fix it. So far all games have been working a-ok and dont wanna jinx it by upgrading unecessarily.....

  131. @Freyz
    I'll assume that you already downloaded the ISO so I'll just post pic of the process. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
    First is:
    then extract the file to the desktop: (open it with Winrar):
    Open the ISO with UMDGEM 4.00:
    then drag the contents of the "it MUST work!" folder:
    then save it:
    then test it on to your PSP if it works.

  132. It's working now..I don't know but I guess it has something to do with the EBOOT.OLD file that I saw in my patched ISO before placing the English translation patch..

  133. @kasmi
    I'll upload the EBOOT for the Translation 2.0 so if you like then just try to put it onto your ISO. I'll update you when I;ve uploaded the EBOOT of v2.0

  134. Updated the EBOOTS for MP3 fix with the Ver. 2.0 Patch.

  135. @gmrusaku
    that's pretty quick and I just finished using the 1.5 patch..XD hahaha thanks for the update..patching it now

  136. titles are now translated..neat..

    a question..what's the pressents for? I saw the 007T on Luka when she accepted 7 pressents from me..any Idea what it is? Is it like "love" count or something? been wondering about it for some time now..

  137. @kasmi
    From what I think presents makes a vocaloids Mood go up if you happened to give a gift that they want. also that was a counter for how may gifts you already given to a certain vocaloid.

  138. @gmrusaku
    So If we give presents, What will happen besides their mood?

  139. @Xx_FredCross_xX
    Dunno, That's all from what I can see. And I'd still don't know what their mood is for anyways.

  140. I guess the mood can be used during adhoc..this is the first PD that has adhoc support so maybe the mood will be helpful in that matter...

  141. @gmrusaku

    bad news, the game reads the gamefaqs save as corrupt as well...oh woe is me, destined to earn all PD1 costumes again? Say it ain't so...

  142. @al..why don't you try using the latest cfw? I have no problem in mine..

  143. @kasumi, yeah it looks like its come down to that, upgrade here i come!!

  144. @al
    goodluck there bro..I hope it works now..

  145. I am a comment spam bot and thus my message was deleted…
    I’ve deleted it so Rin-chan Len-kun please have mercy, I ..... Wah!!!! don't go this way!!!!
    Rin & Len:Road Roller!!!!!!

  146. Is it me or i'm falling for her Natural module? :D

  147. everyone will fall if you're talking about Miku..hahaha not to mention those seductive songs adds to Miku sex appeal a lot..

  148. oh also those sexy poses she does in her "look here baby" got my eyes fixed for quite a while..I replayed it using my favorite Luka and Luka looked even more sexier than usual..

  149. Hey guys, just to let you know I upgraded to Prometheus and I can now load Project Diva 1 no prob :) 1 tiny downside though....after upgrading, the current PD2 save I was using before the upgrade got corrupted rendering my past week's work now worthless....with only 1 more song to go!!

    ah well, not that I'm complaining about replaying it again..ho ho ho.... now back to Ruka and my Miku Oppai mousepad :)

  150. @al
    good..well just delete that corrupted data..everything's easy from the start since you're already used with PD..the main challenge now is the extreme..I manage to perfect 3 songs as of now.."magnet,RomeoCinderella and Ai Kotoba"..the rest, I'll be praying..

  151. @kasmi
    Haha, Yeah but I like the natural from all her module... It's kinda my favorite right now lolz >:3

  152. oops..that's "in any installment"

  153. @fred
    ever wonder why Sega didn't put the "live stage" costume of miku if any installment? I didn't found it on Dreamy Theater either..

  154. @kasmi
    W8 u have Dreamy theater? And what do you mean by live stage?

  155. @Fred
    you didn't know the figma Hatsune Miku "Live-Stage" ver.? the one wearing a metallic silver outfit instead of the metallic black regular ver...and no I don't have Dreamy Theater anymore..I only play at my friend's PS3 to enjoy it..

  156. I actually thought they would stick this costume in as an easter egg:

    and double surprise they didn't have Gakopo in there either....thought he had a rather nice voice actually...

  157. @al
    hmm yup they should've gave that module aside from giving us the PD World is mine module..I think that module suits a lot with the song..but if they put that, it's just like miku is wearing a regular sleep wear unless they change her facial expression as well..

    Regarding Gakpoid and Megpoid that should be there base on te posts that I saw somewhere, I wonder what happened..well Gakpoid sounded like Gakt in the first place just giving the vocaloid treatment...

  158. @kasmi
    Gakupoid is voiced by Gackt that's why they sound alike.

  159. @gmrusaku
    ah huh....that's something..hehehe

  160. @kasmi
    same as Megpoid being voiced by Megumi Nakajima who also voiced Ranka Lee on Macross Frontier.

  161. @gmrusaku I guess the unique ones are really Miku,Luka, Kagamines,kaito and meiko...that lights up everything..hehehe

    here's my live-stage Hatsune Miku.I really wished that Sega gave this outfit in this game aside from the original Miku..I really wanna see Miku in this outfit even if they don't give the piano and everything..put the wing at least..hehe

  162. bah, gmrusaku beat me to revealing that little piece of information! damn the time zone difference!!

    As for the live-stage version....holy crap, I think I saw it in the arcade version....

  163. @al
    dunno about the arcade version of PD will take some time before PD will be known here..or I guess they don't know it already exists...unless I'll go talk to timezone's manager and ask directly if they can get it..hehehehe

  164. @kasmi
    Then let the petition for PD arcade on timezone start lol ^_^

  165. @gmrusaku
    I wanna do that for some time now...hahahaha.. I'll be going to sta.lucia today and see if I can do some talk to robinson's timezone technician..the last time I asked them, they didn't even know they don't play psp I guess..

  166. If you guys are talking about having PD in timezones, count me in :D

  167. talked to a technician yesterday...he doesn't know PD and pointed me to DJMax instead...oh well..I think it'll take a very long time before PD gets here..talking of which I tried DJMax and unlike PD, the songs at DJMax isn't as good as PD..I didn't enjoy it due to the fact that I'm facing the touchscreen and not the actual screen..and it doesn't show any PV...

  168. @kasmi
    I know how you feel, when I played DJMAx only the people around me get's to see the PV and I'm stuck with the touchscreen... T_T

  169. @gmrusaku
    actually the big PV screen also shows what you're seeing in the touchscreen so nope, no thrill..

  170. Well having a signature petition may be the only way.... So who want's to be the first to sign... Scratch that I'm first! So who wants to be second! lol!

  171. I'm in if it's for miku^^

  172. Whahahahahaha, Me too XD Maybe we should recommend it :D

  173. Let the Miku Revolution begin!

  174. Wait what? I don't get it T^T

  175. Down to DJ max, LONG LIVE MIKU *Wears a bandana with chibi miku and a negi as the flag pole lolz*

  176. @Acher
    We're starting a revolution here at our country to put PD Arcade on Timezone (an arcade center in the Philippines)

    Don't forget to include Miku Miku Shite Ageru as our marching song! lolz

  177. hey, could anyone upload a 100% save data, well, it doesnt have to be 100%? some of the songs are dificult for a casual gamer like me, and i can see a lot of people that allready finish the game, please HELP!!!!

  178. I am a comment spam bot and thus my message was deleted…
    I’ve deleted it so Gakupo please have mercy, I ….. (Rainbow katana being swinged)

    Gakupo: Don't spam here at my game!
    Miku: Gakupo-kun are you with us in the game?
    Kaito: Impossible! he is not even a Crypton Vocaloid....
    Rin & Len: Just a good imitation of us!
    Luka: Guys! Dont be so mean to Gakupo-san!!
    (Everyone looks at Luka)
    Luka: (blushing) Ah.... er......Because every one is so mean so I.... er.... (Face turning all red)
    Gakupo: Arigatou Luka!!!! You understand me!
    Luka: Ah... Got to go! (runs away hiding her embarrassment)

  179. @gmrusaku
    I wish they put one on the arcade here as well...

    and I'm just curious, anyone can get better than standard for the last song(初音ミクの激唱) on hard?

    finally cleared extreme after a few try T^T

  180. @Acher
    Good for you, My fingers go numb spamming the same buttons XD Can you play it for me LOLZ

  181. @fred and gmrusaku
    we should get a giant sized Hachune for our mascot..btw talked again to the tech I talked here and he already noted the game..well what I really wanna try is talking directly to the one managing timezone to fully explain why Iwanna put that arcade here in the phil...well no luck to that yet..timezone doesn't have a site????

    try using some help did a good job for me when I tried extreme in that song..really crazy..

  182. I already sent my suggestion..hope I'll get a reply soon..

  183. @those who want Project Diva Arcade here in the philippines

    Timezone has a site..why don't be send feedback and request for the game? I guess with enough encouragement, they may bring it here without thinking..

  184. @kasmi
    how do I use help item? never use/buy them before O.o

  185. All right!! Project Diva arcade petition going on!!

    As a fellow in Singapore, fingers crossed they bring the arcade version here!! They bring Ju-Ju Cube but not Miku!?!?!? the blashpemy!!

    I'm so psyched, I bought the arcade card while I was in Japan on foresight they bring it overseas.
    Unfortunately the Timezone arcades are mostly old-school guys are so lucky you can place requests on a site, I dont who the hell is in charge of the damned new arcades over here...

  186. @acher
    before you select a L trigger..the item selection will appear..just O to an item you wish to use and the word "SET" will be indicated that you choose that item..every item has limited amount of usage so be carefull not to miss/safe too much..then press X to get back to the song select, on the lower right of your screen, there should be little circles there that indicate the item'll automatically be used when you miss/safe..the help item will also prevent the loss of combo thus making other songs easy to perfect..

    Help Items are very usage with songs that has 9-max stars since it's really crazy on those songs..8 stars are still playable if you manage to know the song..I found out that listening to the actual MP3/full format many times will get you to know the exact timing to hit a buttons..

  187. uhh...sorry for tons of misspelled sentences..I think I'm still sleepy..3am....oh well...gotta get back to bed...~_~

    there's always a way so that you can reach the management of the game center..

    1)ask them directly.
    2)look for thier web site.

  188. does anybody know where I can get an english lyric for "A song without shape"?? I've been deeply touched by this songs rhythm..

  189. @ kasumi

    haha, thanks for the advice. The problem is that we got multiple arcades here of varying companies and most of the employees only just know what's going on in their own area...

    but as thanks for the help and since its so hard to find it;I'm going to help you translate A Song without Shape using my current level of Japanese....either that or until someone finishes it first :P

  190. @al
    it's ok..I manage to get at least a simple translation from youtube..but the one who sung the song wasn't miku..but Teto of UTAU..not really a big fan of UTAU..her voice is not as good as the's too high pitched..

  191. @al
    oh yea another thing..just choose which game center you wanna request the arcade at..I think most game centers are competing with each other when it comes to latest arcades..

  192. The love is a game if you cheats you will lose if you break the rules there will be troubles but only if you get the right way you will win

  193. @ kasumi
    Ha, not a good sign...if the real-life voice is HIGHER pitched than a vocoloaids, lol

  194. @al
    yeah..well I've read in the net that UTAUs are commonly vocaloids with an adjusted voice if you listen to some of teto's songs, she mostly sings like miku in a higher pitch..

  195. oh yeah guys, I forgot to ask. We have a fixed english patch (which was awesome) and we fixed the mp3 problem (which was just as awesome) but did anyone fix the problem with taking snapshots? I need new psp wallpapers dammit :)

  196. [...] gmrusaku пишет: I misture of fairy tales song..ths subbed one in youtybe is funny.. Finally got 100% songs an Module^^ I guess without the save file from PD I won’t get some of the old modules..It did took a while to get other vocaloid’s modules since … [...]

  197. might be too late to ask this, but mine can't play any mp3 at all. whats the problem?

    also, did anyone working in making new song play?
    I mean your own song map, or w/e that's called.

  198. @Acher
    there's a patch on the main post for the MP3 fix. ^_^

  199. Hey guys check these out, Timezone just gave me a feed back about the arcade, Heres what they said...

    "Hi Fredolin,

    This is in response to the request feedback you sent to us through our website regarding the Hatsune Miku arcade or Project Diva arcade.

    Please note that this game is just available in Japan at the moment but will be tested in other regional centers like Singapore shortly. There are no plans as of yet to make this game available in the Philippines .

    Thank you and have a nice day ahead."

    So yeah it'll take some time >_>