Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For those who play SDGO and want to MOD the games apperance.

Theorically, modding the Data pack is not allowed by the rules of any of the major servers, I do not take responsibility of any risk involved in this process.

Be considerate, do NOT attempt to make any changes that leads to game inbalance (e.g. messing with meshs and movesets of suits)

Also, always backup your GPackData.zpk and GPackData.zpx before you make any changes.

In order to screw with SDGO's massive database, you will need to have at least 2GB of freespace to store an unpacked version of the data pack. No, don't ditch your backup files for the diskspace.

First of all, download sdgundamext.exe as provided, then uncompress it in the game directory. And wait, don't go double clicking it, it doesn't work that way.

Now, double click on "Unpack.bat" and a command line console should fire up, let it run. (Takes a long while, do yourself a favor and get something else to do) After the job is done, you should find a new folder called "SDGO_Temp". Inside the folder is what that's supposed to be sealed inside GPackdata.zpk and GPackdata.zpx.

Next up, put in whatever you have on your hand, like Operators, UI modifications, In-game effect changes (don't ask me for them). You can also screw with the chat filters. For testing purpose, I've prepared a cleaned filter with almost all banned words removed as an attachment. Simply replace the respective files within SDGO_Temp. You can also play with the Blockip.txa if you're using an IP from a banned region. (e.g. KR server bans off HK, Macau, Mainland China, Japan and Taiwan IPs)

At this point, if you haven't backup your GPackData.zpk and GPackData.zpx, do it now. It will be your lifesaver in case that something fails. You will also need a clean and unchanged copy to apply any official patch.

After doing all the changes as well as confirming that you've backed up the original files, double click "Repackage.bat" and enjoy the wait while sdgundamext.exe rebuilds the database. It is normal that the filesize will be different.

At this point you're good to go! Run the game and enjoy your filter-free game or whatever you changed.

Step-by-step instructions for monkeys:
1. Backup your GPackData.zpk and GPackData.zpx
2. Download sdgundamext.exe (bundled with Unpack.bat and Repackage.bat)
3. Extract and put all three into the directory of SDGO
4. Double-click Unpack.bat and wait for it to do its work
5. Enter the new folder "SDGO_Temp" and make whatever changes you want
6. Go back, and double-click Repackage.bat, again wait for it to get job done. Filesize change is normal
7. Play

Important notes:
- Under all circumstances, keep at least one original copy of both GPackData.zpk and GPackData.zpx
- DO NOT touch core gameplay elements like the unit ability files, you're shaming yourself by doing so, also harming the entire modding community.

SDGO Custom Operators
I'll be giving out Custom Ops that i have used before. Some are from GGftw also, so i don't thank me for all of them, others i just find.


Kira(Gundam Seed Destiny):http://www.mediafire...t0he9ltdc64ag59
Tomoyo(CLANNAD):http://www.mediafire...5laeduyco92lsge [Errr.....]
Hatsune Miku(Plus Lobby/room/etc. Backgrounds):http://www.mediafire...0a6sts6th667tdg
Cagalli(Gundam Seed Destiny):http://www.mediafire...8wawa1afin1d542
Mr.Bushido(Gundam 00):http://www.mediafire...fx8486l5aa3kwuj
Marida Cruz(Gundam Unicorn):http://www.mediafire...lmf3ybut6vchfvo
Setsuna F. Seiei(Gundam 00):http://www.mediafire...j4f3ut51971ii3d
Mikoto Misaka(To Aru Kagaku no Railgun):http://www.mediafire...704mcpf9x4d6u4w [Bad]
Allelujah Haptism(Gundam 00):http://www.mediafire...10noaxwo2m4izo0
Stellar Loussier(Gundam Seed Destiny):http://www.mediafire...qub25z4pc0b4glu [This one sucks]
Banagher Links(Gundam UC):http://www.mediafire...qv6vp37ne3yf7a6 [Also sucks]
Charlotte Dunois(Infinite Stratos):http://www.mediafire...8tltonteo27wdb6

SDGO UI's (theme in you like to call it)
Guilty Crown UI: http://www.mediafire...4xtcdea593axehr

SDGO music list and mod sharing

I'm going to post the song list of sdgo so you guys can mod mod it you must get your favorite song and replace it with the corresponding number be sure to to make a back up btw all creds go to sdgo wiki

0005 = Unknown
0006 = Gundam fight
0007 = Colony Laser
0015 = Neo Tokyo, Ruin City
0016 = Menu
0017 = Aftermatch
0018 = basin Fort, B.o.g. PVP, Hong Kong city
0019 = Africa desert, Secret base
0020 = Colony City, Alaska
0021 = Submarine Base, Desert P.s., U.E. Reef, Neo China
0022 = Colony Fall, Cyclops, Amazon
0023 = Snowfield, Grand Canyon, Ruin City II
0024 = E-gate, R.S. Satellite, Operation P.S., AEU Practice Field
0025 = sfx
0026 = sfx
0027 = sfx
0028 = sfx
0029 = sfx
0031 = sfx
0032 = sfx
0033 = Gundam Fight
0035 = Arizona, Moon Wreck, Jaburo Base
0036 = Gr-AIII
0037 = sfx
0038 = sfx
0039 = sfx

EDIT V2: ladies and gentlemen modding of sdgo in amecha shall be set free >.>
WARNING: it might cause a banning so dont blame us blame ur self for not being careful consult the modding tutorial for full on help
http://www.mediafire.../?ui4og901ux6cb - Ultimate larry the fighter music (GenisicChibi) - BGM of guitar (Xenokey)
http://www.mediafire...8n5dn9tgrsu94nb *insert japanese characters here* (Ao) - Busou Shinki Battle Masters and MkII BGM

Create your own Custom Operator

Download this: http://www.mediafire...waadf84gzgmbbh1

1. The .exe is a self-extracting archive, set the path to anywhere you like.
2. Start the program by going into the folder in which you extracted the program, and open "Sdolmain.EXE"
*You should hear Haro sounds when it opens*

3. Click on the SECOND button from the top, it will ask you to find the SDGO directory (whatever folder that has the GPackData.zpk, as the whole process revolves around this file).

4. After setting the game directory, click on the THIRD button from top.
*it will ask for another directory*

5. Set the second directory to the folder in which you store the TXRS and SDRS folders(basically, a folder that only contains the operator files).
6. Click on the FOURTH button from the top for preview, FIFTH button for sound preview(for any message window that pops up, just click "ok").

7. SEVENTH button from the top is for installing the operator by packing it into the GPackData.zpk.

8. After clicking on the seventh button from the top, it will have a dialog window that says "First time using this program, wait 10 minutes" and begins to make a backup of your files.

9. A dos window will pop up at the same time with another window with the "ok" button on it, DO NOT CLICK... I repeat, DO NOT CLICK ON IT UNTIL THE DOS WINDOW CLOSES ITSELF!!! Otherwise your game file will mess up and your PC self-destructs.

10. After the backing-up of files, just keep waiting until the second dos window (which unpacks the GPackData.zpk and repacks it with your Operator file in it) disappears.
*at the end of the re-packing, the dos window will ask you some questions... just type "y" and press enter for all of them.*

11. Enjoy your new Operator.

12. The fifth button from bottom is for making Operators, click on it and you will see something like "副官E", the E indicates operator E. The one on top left corner is default operator. You will have to import images and sounds (a list at bottom is provided, you can change all sounds of the operator). I am not 100% sure on how to use this so just make the operator with other guides, then put everything in a folder instead.

13. The 4th button from bottom is for deleting custom operator.
14. last three buttons links to chinese websites for MS data, Improvement pack(like operators, bgm, bg, effects) download, and download old version, respectively.

TO RETURN THE GAME TO NORMAL CONDITION FOR UPDATING(failure to do so will result in failed update):
Open one of the new .bat files made under your game directory and it will finish the work by itself while you wait and maybe watch a episode of anime or two (I highly recommend re-visiting some older gundam series).


  1. the musou 3 BGM doesn't exist anymore GM..but if you have the GM3 soundtrack, you can use those instead...I really love my bgm now..I just need to get some screenshots of lacus from the GM3 to use as my OP image..or if I can't get any, I'll just go take a picture using the actual game..but I still need to learn how to make my own OP..

  2. wow amazing guide thanks, it works for me ^_^
    request if possible, any ecchi or pg+18 custom operators please?

  3. can you gave us some operator links that you have ?

  4. If Possible, Would you please tell us which operator changes which.....? I'm stuck finding out if the mod works because I either cannot find the operator in the shop (Playing At SEA) Or its not released yet.
    Thanks in advance~!

  5. All OP posted here is for the default faceless OP changre.

    1. new links,it does not work no more

  6. Dude,media fire link not working.pls get new links!i want the custom op creator

  7. for the anons that said the links doesnt work, this is quoted from GM's post.

    "All links are working, please refer to the picture above the post for solution or if you cant find it look at this"

  8. can make a op mode for lacus clyne that including audio>?

    1. I only share the already made ones so sorry i cant make that but I'll try to look for one

  9. Hey Brotha... are u have UI that affect When we battle??? like a radar, Weapon 1, weapon 2, skill and the other????

  10. Here the prefiew that i found.. chech this out.
    i really want this one

  11. Is the SETSUNA F.SEIEI OP Mod Works on the custom(Starting)Operator??
    And whats this about :
    SDGO UI's (theme in you like to call it)
    Guilty Crown UI: http://www.mediafire...4xtcdea593axehr
    Is this mean Lobby/Room/Channel/Main Page Themes??

    Server : SDGO SEA

    1. yeah Setsuna works, and for the UI yeah your right

    2. oh yeah , Is there any OP mod with Voice?? Cause setsuna's mod
      don't have any voice. If i use any Operator(E/B/C..) , Is this Mod still working?

    3. sone OP have vice some don't, depends on the creator. as far as I know Charlotte Dunois OP has one (cus thats the only OP i've use aside from hatsune miku OP). And no it wont work on the other OP cuz the custom op is set to change only the default op.

    4. Oh....but why i see there's a voice on Setsuna Operator in some videos??
      And if i wanna change to Charlotte Dunois OP , just unpack and paste the MOD again?? And...Hatsune Miku OP link Broken.

    5. Sry , the Miku Link not broke ><! I mean , what if i already use Guilty Crown UI , Hatsune Miku(Plus Lobby/room/etc. Backgrounds) still working ? The Lobby/Room/Etc..

    6. GM...Charlotte Dunois OP got voice But only at Lobby?
      When Im playing there's no OP voice at all(SP,Destroyed..)??

    7. now that's strange, cuz i've used that OP and it has voice....
      well my Charlotte OP is still here so im just gonna upload it.

    8. yeah it still works. if you copu the UI first them Miku OP, the Miku OP will overwrite the lobby/room/etc. in other words some part of the UI will be the miku one.

      and yeah, if you wanna change to charlotte OP you have to do the whole process all over again.

  12. do you put the operator/UI modifications/In-game effect changes in the SDGO_TEMP folder?

    1. you put it on the extracted SDGO_TEMP folder then recompile all files again as in the instructions above.

  13. I want to change the other operator not just the starting operator, so can u tell me which zsd files that i have to change? also the txr file please...

    1. sadly i also have difficulty finding out the filenames of the other OPs

  14. The Mediafile link not working anymore :(

    1. If you followed the solution on the pic above the post the it will work. ^__^

  15. Ah Thanks GM. Got it!
    *insert japanese characters here* (Ao)
    What's the meaning?? Is this a BGM or Voice ?

    http://www.mediafire...jjc0tzg17733k1f -
    Epic mosou 3 (Xenokey)-Link Not Work.

    1. That's just a BGM compiled by Ao.
      and yeah, Epic mosou 3 (Xenokey) is already deleted, as I dont have the original file, i cant re-up it. but I will put my own compiled BGM here from busou shinki battle masters game.

  16. how to mod the capsule system? so i will always get what i want :P

  17. Replies
    1. links works, did you follow the solution pic above the post?

    2. sry sir
      works now =)
      n thx ^^

  18. GM, i have a question about Create my own Custom Operator V2, when i about to create, i choose the fifth button for sound preview (like you said), it had voice, but when i finish, i only had a picture of my custom operator but it voice still the same...
    please help me, i really want to mod my operator T.T

  19. GM,i think Hatsune Miku is blocked and the other operators ..
    can you update ? please ? ^^ thx btw :)

    1. it will be blocked if you didn't follow the solution to bypass the MF linkbuck blocker. the solution pic is above the post.

  20. GM do you have some booster effects like particles coming out in the booster? thx :P just like freedom gundam, those red partcles :))

  21. can i extract the sd gundam 3d models with this?

  22. GM is the "unpack"-er (sdgundamext) still working for the latest SDGO SEA? i tried to unpack, but it stopped halfway. only anrs folder appears on SDGOTEMP folder. can anyone confirm please thanks.

  23. At the lastest version in SDGO SEA, we just receive a 700mb folder SDGOTEMP because sdgundamext stop halfway. Do sdgundamext have a update version or exist a replace program for this ?

  24. i also have the same problem with those two guys ... unpacking stopped but did not finished unpacking ... can anyone help us for a newer method?

  25. Shows over folks. The Gpackdata's for the servers (Including SEA and North America) have been modified to prevent this file from unpacking them properly. Effective immediately this method of modding the game files No Longer Works.

    your only hope to mod textures is to either A) hope someone updates this unpacker to work with the newly coded Gpackdata's or B) to create your own unpacker.

    It was a good run while it lasted. Sorry folks

  26. so there is no way to edit your mods for the game?
    please update us if you know the new unpacker program...


  27. There is a new and updated unpacker and repacker that works, you'll have to google search it, it was updated by the original creator and can be found on their website.

    1. but .... hard gimme the link :D

  28. For SDGO sea users who get only ani files, please use this link to get SDGundamExt. I hope you like it!
    Link :

    1. though this is kinda late

      the program extension is .c for sdgundamext...does that mean i have to use command prompt if i want to mod?

  29. How to create own Custom Operator:
    To edit the unpacked files rename voice files (.zsd) to .mp3 extension and picture files (.txr) to .png extension. Rename to original extension after that and insert like other operator files. Download other people's custom operators to find the correct files. I hope you like it!

  30. how do i get any unit i want for free? or hack to get a unit that hasnt come out yet (00 quan{T}

  31. Sry i dont know what should do... i dont have any experience on this type... i really wan get custom operator badly T__T i playing SDGO SEA.. sdgundamext file been removed unable to download , i need someone to help explain to me T__T

  32. Im using the sdgotool2.exe to repack my mod files and its working.

    my problem is this operator, mashiro shiina.
    Heres the dl link:

    I dont know what's the problem of this OP, but i cant install it. the packing interrupts and an error "sdgopatcher.exe" pops out. Can you also try this custom OP pls? im nearly dying hard just to use this OP :'(((

    That operator comes from this forums:

    This is the translated english for you to read.

  33. Can someone re-upload the sdol tool or the sdolmain.exe program? the mediafire link is error.

  34. Why I use sdgundamext.exe but only anrs file got there. no txrs,sdrs or anything?

  35. I already replaced the files with the files in the Op folder...after i repacked it and played it... it still is the same.. (using charlotte Op btw)