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After 4 years of delay and over 7 1/2 years in the making, 
it will now be resumed!

Pic is the Protagonist. Took 3 hrs to draw.

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Game Title: Parallel Crisis
Platform: PC
Gerne: Fantasy RPG

Vacant place needs people who can do the job. (Amateur accepted)

Story Writer: GM_Rusaku
Scripts: GM_Rusaku
Game Development (Ruby via RPGMVX): (Jack[temp]) and GM_Rusaku
Sprite Making: (Vacant)
Battle System: GM_Rusaku
Database: GM_Rusaku
Music: OP:Girls DeMo ED:Girls DeMo BGM:(Vacant)
CG: (Vacant)/GM_Rusaku
Animated Attacks: (Vacant) and GM_Rusaku

Teaser Preview:

Chapter 1: Yume no Unmei

In a place of nothingness, a boy was standing. Everywhere he looks, all he could see was shroud of darkness. Even in a place of nothingness, cold wind can be felt. He can't remember anything because of the darkness that surrounds him. The darkness covers the depth of his memories, then all of a sudden he sees a dim light. The orb of light drew nearer and nearer and fragments of memories was returning.

"That's right!My name is Rusaku, and the last thing I did was reading my manga while lying down on my bed then..."

His memories returned, yet the odd orb of light drew nearer to him. He tried to run but he can't move his body, not even his fingers. At last the orb of light is now face to face with Rusaku. Then the orb of light entered his body. He felt the warmth flowing inside him. Then,visions of places he had never been before flashed through his mind. Some of the them look familiar and some are so bizzare like its out of this world. Everything flashed with an incredible pace, yet he could see it all clearly like the back of his palm. Then , a soft voice spoke to him.

"Holder of the crest, we need you to come here to our world."
A loud ring followed and the voice hurriedly told Rusaku.
"Find the portal of Fate..."

The ring became louder and louder then all of a sudden Rusaku woke up. The sunlight was shining through the window and down to his face. As the alarm clock continues to ring, Rusaku got up off his bed. Stil half-asleep, Rusaku looked into his room remembering the weird dream he had. He was still bothered by that dream until the alarm clock caught his eyes. While looking at it, his eyes widened and began to realize something. Then he shouted at the top of his lungs,

"CRAP! I've forgotten all about fieldtrip! And it's already ten-thirty. Now I'm really late!"

With lighting yet not so fast speed, he rushed into fixing things up. From fixing his hair, clothes to wear, shoes he would use up to the things he'll bring. He did all of this in a record breaking time of five minutes. Then he put on his roller skates and at the fullspeed using the quickest route to reach school as soon as possible. looking from left to right, Rusaku was thinking of the worse case scenario. A demon of scolding will give him the scolding he would never forget.

Rusaku looked at his watch and sees that there's only two minutes left till the departure time. With everything he got, Rusaku made haste to the school. He can feel his skates wearing out but he got to make it no matter what. He can see the school gate opening, the bus was already starting to move. Everyone in the bus saw Rusaku and the bus stopped. Rusaku was glad that the bus stopped but he then realized one problem, he can't stop his roller skates from rolling. everyone knew what will happen and so does Rusaku that he just yell,


After Rusaku's plea he closed his eyes and waited to smash head on to the bus. He waited for a crushing sound of a boy colliding with the bus. But he felt something strange. He felt as if he is floating in mid-air or rather someone or something grabbed a hold of his jacket. When he opened his eyes and looked back, he saw a giant figure a hold of his jacket. Then he realized that the giant figure was their huge school guard Yudaya-dono. Yudaya is a huge half-Japanese half-Jewish with a scary appearance but with a heart of justice.

"Yudaya-dono you scared the crap out of me! Thanks for helping me out."

Rusaku said with relief. But the frightening giant responded,
"Oh! Rusaku it's you again! How many times did Yudaya told you that going to school in roller skates is forbidden by school rules!"

Upon hearing this Rusaku gave the same reason he could come up with.
"It's an emergency and I'm going to be late!"

Yudaya may be kind-hearted but all have their limits. He hate to do it but he has to punish Rusaku for breaking school rules so he confiscated Rusaku's roller skate. Rusaku was going to appeal to him but Yudaya cut him short and said while pointing at the bus,

"You should worry more about yourself rather than worrying about this..."
Rusaku look back slowly thinking of something scary. Looking back at the bus, he saw the demon of scolding. It was his teacher Sanada-sensei. She is a red-headed thirty year old woman, but looks like she is just in her twenties. Most of her student tease her as an old maid, which is rather true. Even with great curve of a body and a young face, she had trouble finding love. Sanada-sensei was going to start on him. Rusaku was terrified but then the bus driver interrupted her, Sanada-sensei quickly realized that they were way off the schedule.

"Rusaku! I'll let you off this time, but next time I won't hold back! Remember my warning."

Sanada-sensei said with her cold eyes boring into Rusaku. Rusaku was petrified for a moment, but was relieved that he didn't get the scolding of his life. Rusaku then went on to the bus. While passing by Sanada-sensei, Rusaku felt cold air in her surrounding. He went pass her but he can still feel those cold eyes piercing through the back of his head. Then he notice a waving hand at the back of the bus. It was his best friend Shimizu, Umi.

Umi has a white completion and cerulean hair. Being one of the most beautiful girl on campus and being the smartest in their class, Rusaku doesn't know how lucky he is being friends with her. Rusaku sat beside her. When all was set to go the bus started to depart to their destination, the ruins of Unmei.

Sanada-sensei then also started to discuss the history of this mysterious ruins. Time flies, the bus was running smoothly and the discussion is going pretty well but the two was deaf silent. Umi is paying attention on the lecture while Rusaku was remembering his recent dream.

"Come here to our world huh?"
He was mumbling those words when he felt a light jab on his side.
"You stayed up all night again haven't you? So what's your excuse this time?"

With a worried look on her face Umi told what's on her mind.
"Do you have to interrogate me every time I'm late."

Rusaku replied sarcastically with a poker face. Umi let out a big sigh and answered his sarcasm.
"Because every time you came late you've done something reckless that will get you into trouble. So spit it out, what did you do this time?"

"He he he. That's my know-it-all Umi, then look at this! I snuck out the family heirloom"
Rusaku was making a victory sign while grinning like an idiot.

"You what!"
Umi almost screamed out if Rusaku didn't cover up her mouth.

"Shh... Do you want me to get in trouble after all this?"
"No, but what you've done is..."

Before Umi finished talking Rusaku interrupted.
"Blah blah blah. Don't be a party pooper. I have a reason for it."
Umi looked at Rusaku with worried eyes, as if those pair of eyes were asking for the reason.

"Fine, do what you want! But don't go crying to me when you're in big trouble."

Umi told Rusaku while looking the other way. Upon hearing that, Rusaku smiled and looked outside the window. He was again thinking of the dream he had last time. Remembering all
what he have seen, and all what the mysterious voice have told him.

"That's just a dream after all. Those things only happens in an anime or manga."

After a while the bus they were on stopped. They have arrive at the entrance of the ruins. All the students got off the bus and were gathered at the entrance. The students were amazed at the ruins, it may be old but it is still breathtaking. The walls even with the cracks is very elegant becauseof its desigh. Many rune symbols are carved all over the pillar that supports the ruins for thousands of years.

This ruins were once use for sorcery, even if modern science can explain these phenomenons, the ancient people believe this was God's power given to them. Those people practice these rituals trying to know how to use the effectively, thus creating this very ruins. That is the history of the ruins of Unmei. All the tools that were discovered deep in the ruins were displayed neatly besides the walls.The students were looking at the displayed ancient sorcery tools when Sanada-sensei called their attention.

"Now, can I have all your attention. I'm going to let you explore the ruins but by groups. As always it will be a group of six and consist of the same gender so the girls will be safe. And as always because the boys are evenly grouped except for Rusaku, he will be mixed with the girls."

As always, there are nineteen boys and Rusaku is always left behind for being last in the list of boys. So he is always mixed with Umi's group as of the reason there are seventeen girls and a boy cannot overpower five girls so Sanada-sensei thinks it is safe for that groupings.

Because of that grouping the other boys teases Rusaku.
"Oi Rusaku! You're getting more beautiful these days. Ha ha ha."
One of the boys shouted. Another one shouted.
"You should find yourself a boyfriend. Ha ha ha."

Rusaku was getting pissed off but then Umi and the other girls surrounded Rusaku. Umi then said to the boys.
"You're all wrong! Rusaku is a boy too. And as a matter of a fact we are his personal harem so you all shoud be jealous instead."

The other girls agreed and pulled Rusaku away from the boys.
"What did you do that for?"
Rusaku said with an embarrassed face.

Then Umi looked straight at Rusaku and said to him.
"Because you're the type that do more damage to yourself than to the opponent in a fight. Further more what I've said earlier is true."
"Stop joking around!"

Rusaku said with a red face. After that their group started to explore the ruins.The hall that they were walking on looks like the entrance hall of the ruins but no tools were displayed besides the wall. Instead they spotted a door with a sign 'Do not enter'.

"Hmm.. Looks interesting."
Rusaku said with a mischievous look on his face. He was going to sneak in when Umi blocked the way.

"Idiot! Can't you read? It clearly says no one can enter."
"I'm not the only one who is going to enter, we're all going to enter. Like you've said no one can enter but it didn't said no six can enter. Ha ha ha!"

After Rusaku's joke all five girls had the same confused expression.
"A little adventure doesn't hurt, right!"
One of the girls said.
"I agree, I also wanna see what's inside."

Another girl said. Umi refuses and tried to stop them then Rusaku called everyone's attention. Then Rusaku flipped a coin and then catch it in mid-air and said
"Then let this coin decide our destination. Tails we're going in but heads then we're leaving this place."

All four girls approved and Umi decides to agree with everybody."Then, Let's Go!"Rusaku said while flipping the coin. The coin was high above the ground and by gravities law all that comes up must come down. The coin begun to descend.

Everyone's eyes were focus on the falling coin, except for Rusaku who has his eyes closed. The coin dropped hard on the floor, yet it was still spinning around. The coin stopped in front of Umi. It was tails, then Umi looked at the grinning face of Rusaku who is making a victory sign.
"Alright you win. But just for a short while ok!"

Then everyone entered the door. But Umi and the girls didn't realized that the coin Rusaku used was a double-sided tails. Inside they saw may statues beside the wall and at the center of the room. There are a cross intersection of four stairs and in the middle of it in a circle with writings on it. The wall, floor, and ceilings looks like they are made of sparkling jewels. And a big jewel like figure is in the middle of the circle.
"Rusaku, come here."

Umi called with a smile. Rusaku and the rest of the girls were a surprise at Umi's personality change. Umi's Achilles heel is sparkling jewel and everywhere they look they could only see sparkling jewel like figures in the room specially at the middle.
"Rusaku, come here quickly!"

Umi shouted at Rusaku. The only man in their group has no choice but to obey. So he climb the stairs and went to where Umi is. The other four girls were looking at the statues made of jewel. When Rusaku finally entered the circle, the runes written on the circle begun to shine like the star in the sky. From the edge of the circle one by one until it reach the big jewel in the center of the circle. Rusaku and Umi was blinded by the intense light. The two could only yell each others name before they lost consciousness.

"Huh, where did those two go?"
one of the girls asked .
"Maybe they're having fun together"
jokingly said by another girl.
"Come on, let's look for those two. They couldn't go that far"
one of the suggested. And all four girls look for Rusaku and Umi not knowing what happen.

Chapter 2: Heiko no Sekai

"Rusaku, wake up! Wake up!"
Rusaku was asleep when he felt that someone was shaking is body. Then, he was shaken harder and harder, but Rusaku just rolled on his side and continued sleeping. Then, someone grabbed a hold of the collar of his jacket, but Rusaku was still in too deep of a sleep, not minding his surrounding.


Rusaku woke with a start. When he was fully awake he noticed that he wasn't on bed. Instead, he was lying on the ground.
"Thank God you finally woke up!"

Kneeling beside him was a girl wearing black shoes, a short light blue skirt, a white blouse covered with a long-sleeved, light-blue, thin jacket. It was Umi, and her white face displayed an expression of relief.
"Where the hell are we?"
"That's what I want to know. When I woke up, you were sleeping beside me, so I woke you up to ask you the same question."

Rusaku looked around and could only see trees around him. He tried climbing one of the trees, but all of his attempts were rewarded with a successful fall down to the grassy ground, but Rusaku gave it one more try. He jumped with all his might and manage to grab one of the tree's branches, and then he pulled himself up into the tree.

Upon reaching the top of the tree, Rusaku was surprised to find a young girl already standing there.Then, the girl looked down at Rusaku. In his shock at her appearance, he lost his footing and fell. The girl suddenly disappeared from the top of the tree, and appeared next to the falling Rusaku. The girl quickly grabbed Rusaku's jacket and within a few seconds, had brought him down safely.

"I've been looking all over for you! The Aquatic Manipulator has sent me to fetch you."
"Who are you? What Aquatic Manipulator? And where the hell are we?"

Rusaku asked quickly. Umi was behind him, surprised by his sudden outburst. He was glaring at the girl as if glaring would get him the answers he wanted to hear. He clenched his fist tightly, even though he knew it was a waste of energy.

"I can only answer one of your questions, but the other two will be explained by the aquatic manipulator. Now, *cough* I'm Hammy nice to meet you."
With a cheery voice, she introduced herself to the two. The uncomfortable feeling Rusaku had was evaporated by Hammy's cheerful introduction.

"Another question: Why are you dressed like that?" Rusaku ask with curiosity.
She was a young girl who wore a green Chinese-like garment that you only see in kung-fu movies, but with long sleeves like the sleeves of a kimono.
"What do you mean by 'Why do I dress like this?' I'm the one who should be asking you why you two wear such weird clothes!"

With her hands on her waist Hammy answered his question, But Rusaku still insisted that Hammy was the one who wore weird clothes. Then Umi interrupted them to ask something to Hammy.
"It's Hammy right? Then, may you take us to this person you were talking about earlier?"

"Oh! I forgot about that! Well then, follow me. It's this way to the temple of Unmei."
Upon hearing the word 'Unmei', suddenly, the two of them felt certain that they could go back home if they reached that place.

here's are early rough sketches of Rusaku and Umi


  1. any character description GM? I can try drawing some characters..been awhile since I last use my hands aside from watching ecchi..hehehe

  2. @kasmichan
    well I'll try to look for the description script that I've written ages ago. then I'll post it here ^__^

  3. good good..I have some friends at school that knows how to draw anime which as helping me now for our thesis(damn it's a pain)..of course I'll draw as well..oh when I say's about the characters..personality, know..loli, student, tsundere and the such..

  4. oh yeah..I've wrote something for the story..hehehe I'll post it tomorrow when I finished it..

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