Sunday, November 14, 2010

May Sky


credits for making this port goes to dsoul

The story depicted in the piece is as unusual as the piece's history:
here we have Haruki Mizoguchi, a newly-minted salaryman who is suffering
from the freshman blues, and really doesn't care about anyone around
him. And over there we have Minori Kamiake, a world-weary young shrine
maiden who, despite her giggly conversations with her school friends,
really couldn't care less about any of that. When taken separately, these two
individuals are malcontents, square pegs struggling to fit into round holes,
adrift and alone in a society where solidarity is all that matters. When taken
together, though ... well, suffice it to say that they can be pretty mean to each

Extract the files and place the folder in your ms0:/PSP/GAME folder
It is recommended to play this on a PSP Slim or Brite as it has
a higher RAM than the Phat.

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  1. This one was very nice, funny and sweet (maybe sickeningly sweet to some). Thanks for this post