Friday, September 3, 2010

Converting JPN Savedata to USA Savedata

At Vier's request I'll going to post this guide on how to convert JPN savedata to USA savedata
Alright, so I pieced together all the posts talking about this. The original save instructions were previously made by someone who didn't have English as their first language, and because of that confused the heck out of me. So I want to get these instructions down for all of you in clear English.

Here's your scenario:

You have JPN savedata from the full JPN game. You want to transfer this over to the US game intact.

What you need
* JPN and US game (duh!)
* USB Connection to your PC
* This particular plugin: PSP Savedata Converter Download the file in there.
* A brain, and knowledge on how to use a PC (you'd be surprised at how many people don't know how to handle a zip file)

1.) Plug your PSP into the USB connection and access it like you normally would.

2.) Extract the contents of the folder to somewhere like your desktop.

3.) IN THE FOLDER IS AN SEPLUGINS FOLDER and a couple other text files. Ignore the text files. Copy the seplugins folder to the MAIN ROOT LEVEL of the PSP.

4.) If it asks you to replace the files, this is because you already have an seplugins folder. This usually gets installed by most automated custom firmware installers. Just hit yes, the folder will NOT be replaced, but the two files in there (deemerh.prx and will be placed into the seplugins folder.

5.) Open the seplugins folder that is on the root level of the PSP.

6.) Look for a file named game.txt. If such a file exists, rename it to whatever, like game.txt.bak - this was originally placed by your custom firmware installation.

7.) Rename the to game.txt

8.) Turn off the USB connection. Completely power off your PSP and then turn it back on while holding the R button.

9.) A cryptic command-line interface menu will pop up. Do NOT mess with anything except for what I will be telling you to touch.

10.) Go into the Plugins menu, look for a deemerh.prx plugin. Right now it should be disabled.

11.) Hit the X button to enable it. You can verify it is enabled by the message on the bottom of the screen.

12.) Choose the "Back" menu option, then choose "Exit" to restart the PSP again.

13.) Launch JPN Game and load your original save data. The loading of the save data will be slow. This is because the plugin will be DECRYPTING your save data. This is a good thing. That means the plugin is working.

14.) Once your save data is loaded, save your data AGAIN. This must be done so that the save decryption plugin can create a backup of the data. You'll see why in a bit. This process once again will be slow.

15.) After the save is complete, exit JPN Game (hit the Home key and choose the option on the left).

16.) Now launch US Game. If this is your first time launching the game, you will have no save data. Pick New Game and create a dummy save.  Once you hit the screen where you can save, save. Exit the game.
16.b) If you DO have previous save data (maybe you played the US Game separately), just launch the game and re-save whatever save data you made before, just like you did on the JPN Game.

17.) After exiting US Game, go to the XMB and start up the USB connection to your PC again.

18.) Inside the PSP folder on the ROOT LEVEL of the memory stick, there should be a SAVEPLAIN folder with two folders inside it: (your JPN save data) and (your US save data).

19.) Open the (JP save data) folder. Copy the two files SDDATA.BIN and SDINFO.BIN FROM THE JPN SAVE DATA FOLDER into the  US SAVE DATA FOLDER. It will ask if you want to replace the files, say yes.

20.) Turn off the USB connection and load US Game.

21.) If things were done correctly, you should see your JPN save, just as though nothing happened! Load the save.

22.) Once the save is loaded, check to make sure your save data is imported correctly. After that, save in game. This is important, so DO NOT miss this step, or else the changes won't "stick" properly.

23.) After the save is finished, RESTART your PSP and disable the plugin you activated in the initial steps. (i.e. Hold R while activating the PSP and navigate to the Plugins menu and disable it).

24.) After the PSP restarts again after you disable the plugin, load up US PSP one more time and double check to make sure your save data is still there.

25.) Hook your PSP up to your PC's USB again and delete the SAVEPLAIN folder in the PSP folder.

26.) Rename game.txt to the original name

27.) Rename the original game.txt.bak file back to its original name of game.txt

You're done! I apologize for the lengthy directions, but I did my absolute best to make it as CLEAR as possible. If you follow these instructions correctly, your character should port over correctly. If it doesn't then you Did Something Wrong or else it could be issues with the firmware.

I'm using CFW 5.00 M33-3. I strongly suggest upgrading the custom firmware for your PSP to at least 5.0 - you'll avoid headaches that way.

Thank you.


  1. 13.) Launch JPN Game and load your original save data. The loading of the save data will be slow. This is because the plugin will be DECRYPTING your save data. This is a good thing. That means the plugin is working.

    launch the jp version game or?

  2. @Vier
    Yeah, You need to first load and re-save your JPN save data so it will get decrypted.

  3. =.=" oh great.. i deleted my jap version one already only left the save file LOLL nvm i will go dl it again

  4. Great tutorial, but having some issues. I wanted to use this to convert my VC2 save but when I do save my game it doesn't create the SDDATA.bin. Is it just not possible for this game?

  5. @Amagi
    I haven't tried converting this game so sorry, as I said it may not work on most game. But do try to play more with it.
    Try to check the following first:
    1.) did you put the plugin in your SEPLUGIN folder?
    2.) Is the plugin activated?

  6. Yes it was i got the delayed saving and loading aswell it even made the SAVEPLAIN folder but alas the only thing in there was a bin file with the same name as the save itself.

  7. @Amagi
    Then I guess that VC2 is one of the games that can't be converted from JPN save to USA save...