Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[English-Patch-Prototype V2]GOD eater-RELEASED!!

Quoted from Keima9123 of PSPISO.COM Forums
I want you to read the NOTE first....

:This prototype v2 patch is modified last july..so every august updates that I'm posting here are not included in the patch..don't ask if why your game are not exactly as the progress updates that I'm posting..
This prototype has only 400+ files but the current patch that we have has 700+ files...

Make an account and visit the god eater section
I cant post outside link here...

learn how to read people...
don't get hesitate to read or else..*facepalm*

File comment: Improved Prototype: New Dumping Option, Less Lag, All in All - Simply better.

after logging in
GO HERE to download the V2 patch.
If you want the team's work


************************************************** ****
************************************************** ****
My mates wrote: for those who don't know how to read..

The Patch will NOT be released until it is finished. This is just UPDATES on the progress so far. They are just TELLING you what is going on with the patch. It will be released when it is done. So stop asking "When's the next patch?" which Kenma clearly asked NOT to be asked in his first post. Be patient.



A extraordinary release to fix issues with GEO.
Do not expect another release till the completion of the patch.
For a installation tutorial look at the guide.(download the mediafire link,register and then download the patch)
If you like our work, please consider to donate us a little bit money.
The Patch is dated 09/08/2010.

Translated in this patch are the following:

Aragami Bullets
Bullet names
Room names
Some tutorials


Sorry for the late updates:

Fix the exploit cheat in items(When you sell an item the cost will double the price)
Vuze are translating the norn_topics
Xenka still doing the quest description
Truthkey still translating the story cutscene(but its getting a lil bit delayed, well he had a cyst so please understand)
I'm trying to give an extract/read and error for the msgs that is saying by the quest giver(Hibari)..(It is death suggestion by the way, it might be good as well lol)

Gameplay vid v.2 will be coming soon!!

I made a simple vid for the next patch
AGAIN don't ask if when it come's out!!
Just be thankful that I'm still updating this thread even so some of you don't know what "READ" means is..

Coldbird successfully cast an epic magic for the game..
we can now do whatever we want in the game..
extend file size limit for tr2 files..(maybe no crash/freeze occurrence)
replace files to .rdp file..(no hash checking)
it works now like the ORIGINAL GAME..( just like no patch at all)
Truthkey finish the 25 cut scene subs..
I finish translating en_trig_group,Fix things in en_base,Fix some typo errors..

Here's what cb said a minute ago.. i will just summarize it:


(8:22:10 PM) Coldbird: im making biiiiggg progress with the new patch.
(8:22:19 PM) Coldbird: i identified a new function in the godeater code. giving us FULL CONTROL
(8:22:19 PM) Coldbird: over the resource handler
(8:25:28 PM) Coldbird: the reason we lagged / loaded forever so far was....
(8:25:38 PM) Coldbird: that every time the game requested a resource
(8:25:38 PM) Coldbird: we loaded it from ms0
(8:25:45 PM) Coldbird: the real game however...
(8:25:47 PM) Coldbird: loads it only on the first request
(8:25:48 PM) Coldbird: and then keeps it in memory
(8:25:57 PM) Coldbird: till the game says "i dont need it anymore"
(8:26:01 PM) Coldbird: if i dig a bit deeper
(8:26:10 PM) Coldbird: i can make it load from ms0 just as fast
(8:26:23 PM) Coldbird: as the original game
(8:26:23 PM) Coldbird: on fat AND slim
(8:31:16 PM) Coldbird: works fullspeed...
(8:31:18 PM) Coldbird: no lag
(8:32:21 PM) Coldbird: the new patch module will be entitled 2.0 version
(8:32:22 PM) Coldbird: cause i will have to recode a lot
(8:32:36 PM) Coldbird: the file size limit however
(8:32:36 PM) Coldbird: will be lifted
(8:34:21 PM) Coldbird: this will be biiiiggg stuff
(8:34:21 PM) Coldbird: especially for GEO <3
(8:34:22 PM) Coldbird: with no stupid lag
(8:34:22 PM) Coldbird: killing the connection

60-70% of quest description are translated(according to vuze)
50% of Aragami names in quest are translated (The one that you see in left middle screen, when you killed something)
Story - Not sure with the progress but truthkey started the story translation yesterday =)
He said it is gonna be quite quick(according to boss)
GEO(God eater Online)-- getting a good progress(Closed beta are ONLY for GODEATER team for a moment)



All level 1, level 2, level 3 quest details are translated
All Downloaded Quest name are translated

We finish:

dumping all event_scr(cut scene subs)
dumping all en_trig_group(containing names of breakable parts)
Translating Aragami bullets
Upload the godeater_main.txt(Download this to visit the celes site, see below)
Truthkey is already translating the story(Yeah start from scratch again if you want to know the story as well..xD)


Vuze,truthkey and me are still doing some translation regarding the basic elements that you see in game..
coldbird still coding about the GE online(I'm not sure , he's always afk in msn hehe)
Truthkey are doing the story scripts/quest (not sure with this but that's what vuze told me)
Vuze doing the aragami bullets/he just recently finish all the (basic)bullets name, maybe he will do next the tutorial quest in game?[dunno]
and me? doing a manual extraction for some quest element..they are hard to find using the dump method, because you need to take every quest for you to be able to get all the necessary files that you need and that's a lot of time.

Well for now this is the patch progress...
NOTE:This is not for protoype version(the patch that you have)..this progress is for the next patch..

Story- Not yet
Menu-99% [Including the GIM's that contains text, also the Multiplayer menu]
Item names-100% [Including consumable's/weapon/armor/enhancement/top and bottom clothes/materials/bullets(excluding aragami bullets yet)][Only the consumables descriptions are translated]
Skill names-100%
NPC/PC names-100%
Room names-99%(?)
Quest name-100%[Excluding the story quest]
Target name(During quest,when you check QUEST menu)-99%
Aragami name(During quest,after defeating an aragami- it is the message that splash in the left middle of the screen)-20%

PLEASE(3x).. don't ask this kind of question
&quot;So when is the next patch?&quot; <- I know this is the main question but.. Sorry, even me i still don't know
they are still polishing it to its limit, they want it to be a bug free and of course the longer the time the better the translation.

and about the lag issue, it will be cut off maybe in the next patch..because coldbird have some surprise to us lol.. but i assure you guys.. this patch is an &quot;Outer Heaven&quot; lol
Oh.. i forgot something your godeater folder SOON will be containing 300 and above files maybe even more..


(10:30:41 PM) Kenneth: i will be making a mirror link instead
(10:30:45 PM) Coldbird: so i guess now its your turn
(10:30:52 PM) Kenneth: my turn to?
(10:30:53 PM) Coldbird: please don't try mirroring it
(10:30:58 PM) Kenneth: ah ok
(10:30:59 PM) Coldbird: instead just link to the release thread
(10:31:01 PM) Coldbird: on our bbs
(10:31:05 PM) Kenneth: yes yes ..
(10:31:08 PM) Coldbird: its not like we will delete the files
(10:31:08 PM) Kenneth: np
(10:31:09 PM) Coldbird:
(10:31:15 PM) Coldbird: besides the release thread there
(10:31:21 PM) Coldbird: is a good way to monitor download count
(10:31:34 PM) Kenneth: yeah..already 130 times ;D
(10:31:41 PM) Coldbird:
(10:31:42 PM) Coldbird: i like that number
(10:31:44 PM) Coldbird: *smirk*

If your Item in pouch/terminal are still in jap but in the item shop/upgrade/create are English text then read..

After applying the patch.. there are 2 ways to make your items in pouch/terminals to English text..
The reason why is..if you play GE before(without having the patch yet) your savedata contains all the item names that you have, which is jap text..
the game will load those text instead of the original one..
so to feel the English text..

*make a new game
*Just put all items from your (pouch) to (item box) then take it out and put it again also works from item box to pouch.. (going to shop is not required ;D)
weapons/armor aren't working using the same method..BUT you can make the text in English by just upgrading your weapon.,
and note bullet in prototype version are not translated..
here's a video from asurabp..

GUIDE INSTALLATION- Tutorial from Saiks

First of all, download and unpack the patch. If you didn't already do that.
I take those steps as naturally and won't explain them.

Step #1 wrote:
After the unpacking you will have those dirs:

Connect to your PSP and copy the content of the seplugins directory on your desktop, to the seplugins directory in your PSP root.
Be aware that if you use other plugins, you shouldn't overwrite your current game.txt but edit it and add:
&quot;ms0:/seplugins/godeater.prx 1&quot; manually.
The result should look like this (If you only have the patch installed.)

Step #2 wrote:
Copy the whole godeater directory in your PSP root. If you did it right, it should look like this:

You successfully patched God Eater.
Hint: If you want to update to a later release, you can use the steps explained here.
Just overwrite the old files.

Best regards,


Celes Team's Note:

Hey all,

We started this project a while back seeing Namco won't release a western version of this ARPG in the near future.

Coldbird did all the coding work, starting with finding all required text display functions and hooking them, now the file dumping & replacing technology. The patch was always intended to work on-the-fly, meaning it will work with your UMD by just enabling a plugin.

After receiving a hint from the above mentioned, I was able to encode all GIMs (Images used by GE) so we can also edit text written into pictures (e.g. &quot;Revive&quot;, &quot;Gather&quot; and other stylized text). I am also doing most of the translation work and check the translations submitted by other team members.


COLDBIRD(how to they hack the resources of the godeater)

Well... trying to be a bit more descriptive than I usually am...

Godeater uses a combined resource file, package.rdp, everyone that rampaged the iso before with UMDGen should have noticed it.

Inside of it all the resources are, models, textures, tr2 databases, etc.

1.8 Module hacks the resource loader of God Eater and monitors the resources the game is loading, if it finds a resource that we replaced (if it exists in ms0:/godeater), it will load that modified file from there, instead of package.rdp.

Some of those &quot;files&quot; are .tr2 files, i dont know what the tr2 ending stands for, but I just labeled it Table Resource...

I reversed and analysed the tr2 file format and created a own tool called tr2edit, which can convert those files into plaintext excel tables and back again to tr2...

For translating, we first convert them to excel sheets, modify them with the appropriate english replacement texts, then use my tr2edit tool to reencode them, then we copy it into ms0:/godeater and our patch makes sure it gets loaded instead of the original package.rdp ones.

This is how the 1.8 youtube video was done too.

The resource hack can replace every file - really every one... gmo models, gim images, etc. etc. even npc scripts, maps, etc.

So basically with the 1.8 mod you could create your own map, monsters, items, etc. if you wanted to.


Thanks to:
Coldbird- for his good coding skills
Vuze- for planning this wonderful project
Truthkey- for his Japanese language skills
and Namco for the great game.


  1. does it work on psp 3000?

  2. @chefsnake
    yeah, as Coldbird's team said. It will work in ISO (clean or patched) and UMDs. Also this can also work on to all psp with cfw.

  3. the its the wrong link its the last one u posted

  4. @jason
    Huh? I didn't understand what you just said...